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xNastiee Very great i hope i can get trial-mod nice chit chatting with ya -xnastiee
Server ip:
Utilizegaminghd im supposit ban for pvp logging but know one told me id get baned so am i baned for good RA1N -Utilizegaminghd

Server is Online

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Jan 3, 15
HawaiiMC is Online
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zhakdavid30 Hey zRA1Nz why won't you call it Alohacraft , My friends who played this server before wants Gangwarz back! They want it ...

Server ip:
Minecraft Version: 1.8-1.8.1

Hello guys, today we are working on the last bit of things that need to be done to open the server. Now keep in mind the server is fresh, so there may be things that are not complete. We are trying to finish everything that is necessary to just get the server up. Once we get it up we will then start the improvement phase where we open donations, voting pages, and update our webpage to the new theme. 

Unfortunately we lost almost all our data when the last server went down. So we decided to start over fresh and update to the lastest version of Minecraft 1.8. This is the real build of 1.8 done by Spigot not the protocol hacked 1.7.9 version. We finally made the server CRACKED again! I will be making a tutorial on how to download and install a cracked client. We have decided to change our name to HawaiiMC, I'm hoping we can be the #1 Hawaii server like we use to be back when we were called Alohacraft.

We don't have much left that we need to do to get the server open. Currently all that stands in our way is Changing all our ip's to the new ip and switching the domain over from to And the other thing we still need to finish is the nether economy system. Make sure you remember to write down our new website address and server ip.

Server Rebuild

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Dec 24, 14
Sorry for all the delay guys, this has been a very interesting and busy month. This Saturday the staff and I will be preparing the new server, so I will give you and update on that day. If you're wondering what happen to the other server, we ran out of funds, but we will be returning once again. Because of the way the other server host ran their servers, I loss access to the control panel and couldn't back up everything. We may have to do a fresh start on this new server. This time we will be cracked and will be going with another hosting company, hopefully our experience with this company will be a lot better than our last run around.
Scott-Kimboo you are Working for your server that's okay
Scott-Kimboo its okay zRA1Nz
[Tier 4] Master_Atheos Great news! I hope this server works out! ...
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Hey ven
Feb 19, 15
Hey listen i dont want to be rude but what caused you to well be like this?
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how do you work the register/confirm password, please?
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what happened to this server?>
Vengeance, what happened? Seriously:/
Firstly i aint banned you, secondly dont tell me what to do -.-
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