Ranked 1v1 Matches

In the Survival Hub Server we have added a new pvp elo system. In this system you join a que using /1v1 join and wait for a match to be found. When a match is found you will be teleported into the arena, which then starts the 1v1. The winner of the 1v1 match is awarded points towards their next elo. The loser loses points, the amount depends on elo (higher elo = more points lossed). Once the player has reached enough points to climb to the next division, the player must compete in a best of 3 provisional series. Win 2 out of 3 of the matches and you will be promoted to the next ELO. If you lose 3 times at 0 points in a division above paper, you will be demoted to the division below.


/1v1 join or /1v1 que - Joins a 1v1 que

/1v1 leave - Leaves a 1v1 que or game

/1v1 stats - Shows 1v1 stats



Achieve a single point to move into Paper.


25 points to get into provisionals series

Wins = +3, Loss = -1


30 points to get into provisionals series

Wins = +3, Loss = -1


35 points to get into provisionals series

Wins = +3, Loss = -1


40 points to get into provisionals series

Wins = +2, Loss = -1


50 points to get into provisionals series

Wins = +1, Loss = -1


Wins = +1, Loss = -2

[Mod] Ahri Stole Division rules from League of Legends xD lol Riparino m8

So as most people know the summer sales has been on for the last couple months giving everyone 20% OFF for all Donation Packages. We've finally decided that we'll bring that to an end on October 12th. So you have now til Oct 12 to get 20% off any Donation Package.

Current Sales Prices:

Donor Tier 1: $4.00 ($5.00 Usually)

Donor Tier 2: $8.00 ($10.00 Usually)

Donor Tier 3: $16.00 ($20.00 Usually)

Donor Tier 4: $24.00 ($30.00 Usually)

Donor Tier 5: $80.00 ($100.00 Usually)

OP Factions Update

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Sep 1, 15

OP Factions Update

Whats up guys, so today I’m releasing all the info about our newly updated OP Factions Server. To be honest its not that op, but definitely great amount of fun. Definately is a server to try out. We have created a new spawn, shop, and pvp arena. This will help keep lag in spawn down due to those entity item frames. And keep the lag mainly in the shop, which is far away from the pvp arena and spawn.

Plugin List: Essentials, McMMO, Factions 2.8.1, Fbasics, NoCheatPlus, Trading, Auction, OP Factions (my plugin :p)


Custom Enchantment System

Enchantment Dust

Enchantment Dust randomly drops when you mine, farm, or mob grind spawners. Rates of Drops can be found here for now, until I make a place for it on the forums.

Enchantment Rods

Enchantment Rods are used to upgrade enchantments on Items. They are crafted from 8 enchantment dust wrapped around 1 emerald. This makes emerald actually worth something.

Note: Currently you can only craft 1 rod at a time, else it will bug the craft and you will lose any extra dust in the craft. I am working to fix it to be more like regular crafting, but until then, please just do 1 at a time.

How to use Enchantment Rods to enchant Items.

To enchant an Item, hold it in your hand and type /enchant. This will bring up a menu which allows you to add or upgrade enchantments on your item. Adding or Upgrading will require a certain amount of rods. Again until I make a place on the forums, you can find the prices here.

Explained x GG, nice. Hope to see an increase in players, since it'd be really fun to play on this with them.

Cracked -> Premium

[Owner] zRA1Nz a posted Jul 29, 15

There are many reasons that I've decided to turn us premium. One is the fact that cracked players alone cant help us grow because if they are not willing to pay for Minecraft, why would they be willing to donate. Another thing we've been noticing is that we can't get partnered or find any sponsorships for us because no one wants to involved with a cracked server. These are not the only reasons this change is happening.

Ban list for all servers have been reset.

Donor Transfers are up, please leave us a forum post. Please add some sort of payment proof to the forum post.

Johngamer2 welp you are gonna lose more players now, like you did with aloha craft...
Jeremiah well so yea bye hawaii now
Jeremiah Did I Need To Buy The Hawaii To Join CAuse Iam Already Premium But Can't Join


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